Friday, 8 January 2010

Ten things I was thankful for in 2009.

- 'Precious' - after nearly a year and a half of hyping myself up for this movie, I was amazed that not only did it meet my expectations, it exceeded them.

- The Film Experience - When other sites seemed to be spiralling out of control with preference pushing, or going on hiatus, Nathaniel Rogers kept up his blogging with style, humour and integrity. Still my first movie related stop in the morning and in the evening.

- Facebook - (basically saying friends and family but giving a shout out to something that kept it all together) After a bloody horrendous beginning to 2009, I am thankful for the social networking site for keeping me in contact with everyone around the world. It got me through some tough times - trust me, it is screenplay material.

- Pixar - Their back catalogue kept me smiling on nights I really just wanted to behave like a sulky brat. Then they come out with 'Up' and floor me once again.

- iTunes and my iPod - So much new music. In a year where cinema could not comfort me, it was music that made me come together. Rihanna, Miike Snow, Florence and the Machine, Beyonce, Paloma Faith and so many more kept me strutting all year.

- Costa Rica - Not only because a fellow blogger kept me so amused all year (not to mention flooring me with their review writing) but also because Mikey found love in the form of a Costa Rican (I am blushing) who strangely feels the same for me. Ain't I lucky?

- Sci-Fi' - Finally, science fiction films that I could embrace. 'District 9', 'Star Trek', 'Moon' all made me excited for the genre again. Now I just need to see 'Avatar'.

- Employment - There were some dodgy times and rocky roads, but I was incredibly lucky to hold onto my job, others were not so lucky. I do have 3 guardian angels watching over me.

- 'Glee' - I have never been more proud of loving a guilty pleasure than I have of this show. The singing, the comedy, the unexpected drama (Sue's sister, Kurt's father and Will finally finding out) all made one of the best TV experiences of the year.

- Actresses - This was a year when actresses rocked my world. Toni Collette, Christina Hendricks, Gabourey Sidibe, Mo'Nique, Meryl Streep, Jane Lynch, Olivia Williams, Drew Barrymoore, Melanie Laurent and so many more.


Afrika said...

Beautiful read Mr. Parsons. I'm glad for your good fortune in 2009.
Happy new year and best of luck in 2010. Looking forward to reading your posts as we enter the mad rush of awards season.

Michael said...

Nice mention of Nathaniel's blog. When I make mad amounts of money..or when I win the Nathaniel a nice donation is on my list.