Saturday, 9 January 2010

Top songs of 2009

Music can really fill your soul.

So, in deciding on how many songs to put in my list, I just decided to go through my iTunes and select the songs that really spoke to me this past year, it ended up being 22, a number I really didn’t want to change, so decided to stick with it. I could not remove a single track.
In some ways music has supported me so much more that film has this year.

2009 was a amazing year for music and these are a selection of the songs that really spoke to me - and no Madonna - see I can show restraint!!!

Amadou & Mariam - Sabali
The song takes me far away from this city where the tall walls wall me. Love then now before they are featured in adverts and soundtracks galore.
Taken from their amazing album ‘Welcome to Mali’.

Basement Jaxx - Raindrops
Using every trick in the book, throwing every thing against the studio wall to see what sticks, and the result is pumping sing-a-long brilliance.
From the album ‘Scars’.

Bat for Lashes - Daniel
Sounds like the theme to a fantasy film from the 80’s. Her lush, breathless vocals and that retro synth. My iPod almost begged me to stop playing it.
From the album ‘Two Suns’.

Beyonce - Halo
Cheesily, the says what I can’t when I look at my love. I am a big ole gushy love muffin.
From the album ‘I Am....Sasha Fierce’

Black Eyed Peas - I Got a Feeling
The biggest song of 2009. I debated putting this on, but when I thought of all those fun times out with my friends, this song just came to mind.
From the album ‘The E.N.D.’.

Editors - Papillon
The alt rockers go all synth on me and I am loving it. Just waiting for some DJ to remix this and take it to new heights.
From the album ‘In This Light and On This Evening’

Florence and the Machine - Drumming
Wasn’t this song just the bomb? I mean it just has it all. Fierce female vocals, rock, dance and a hook that you never want to end.
From the album ‘Lungs’

Frankmusik - Run Away from Trouble
Yes, I love my synth. This makes you feel like you heart is breaking for no reason that just listening to his voice.
From the album ‘Complete Me’

Gossip - Heavy Cross
I am in love with Beth Ditto. She is a force to be reckoned with and she proves her artistry on this banging track.
From the album ‘Music for Men’.

Imelda May - Smokers Song
Discovered her on you tube watching Jools Holland. Bought her album and put it on repeat for days on end. This song just makes me laugh HA HA HA.
From the album ‘Love Tattoo’.

Lily Allen - The Fear
Wow, when did she become for spot on? This song is full of clever references and seriously shines a light on the state of celebrity. It also features one of the best choruses this year.
From the album ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’.

Miike Snow - A Horse is Not a Home
I really could not choose just one track. I had so many from the album on this list, but ended up doing the alphabetical sort and this one won. A stomping song.
From the album ‘Miike Snow’.

Mini Viva - Left My Heart in Tokyo
Such a guilty guilty pleasure, but man does this song give me a pick me up on a bad day. Love, love. love it.
From the album

MPHO - Box-n-Locks
Sure uses a sample from the Canadian group Martha and the Muffins single "Echo Beach", but it is a rocking stomping track that deserved much more success. This woman should be huge.
From the album ‘Pop Art’.

Mr Hudson - Supernova Ft. Kanye West
Not quite R-n-B, not Rap, not Pop, but something altogether more refreshing. This single was deservingly a big ole hit.
From the album ‘Straight no Chaser’.

Paloma Faith - Do You Want The Truth or Something Beautiful?
Brilliant performer, singer, song, video and album. The sadness in the song is hammered home by her gin soaked vocal delivery. Deserves a cross over.
From the album ‘ Do You Want The Truth or Something Beautiful?’.

Phoenix - Lisztomania
You just want to bop, jump, run and laugh with this song. Will be featured in quirky movies for years to come, but back in June I was skipping to work to this.
From the album ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix’.

Rihanna - Cold Case Love
MY GOD. This album was bloody powerful, and then you get to this musical masterpiece. She openly deals with her public failed relationship in a brutally honest way. BRILLIANT!
From the album ‘Rated R’.

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition
I was so upset when this was featured in ‘(500) Days of Summer’ and then charted. I really wanted this song to be all my own.
From the album ‘Conditions’.

Tiesto Ft. Tegan & Sara - Feel It My Bones
I love dance music. I love Tegan & Sara. So the combination would be nothing short of masterful. Thankfully Tiesto holds back. Just wait for the bridge “I take a breath, take a breath....” and try to control your body.
From the album ‘Kaleidoscope’.

V V Brown - Shark in the Water
Sunny, breezy Doo Whop. This song has held up throughout the year and I am shocked it was not a run away hit. I seriously hope she can last as this is a pop masterwork.
From the album ‘Traveling Like The Light’.

White Lies - Death
I just love this song so much. Got it exactly a year ago and I still get a little happy in my heart when my iPod randomly selects it.
From the album ‘To Lose My Life...’.


Jason E said...

I mostly agree, except that I hate Supernova and have problems with the GLARING ommision of "When Love Takes Over" by Kelly Rowland and David Guetta. Undoubtedly the anthem of Summer 2009... x

Michael Parsons said...

I cannot bear 'When Loves Takes Over'

Michael said...

I'm not a music person really, but the anthem of the summer was I Got A Feeling (I can't stand that song though).

And where is Empire State Of Mind?

Jason E said...

How can anyone NOT like that song?! I am so playing it everytime you come in to the bar now... ;-)

Michael Parsons said...

You do anyway.