Saturday, 20 March 2010

Best Art Direction

And the most interesting and creative are:

The scope of this work was mind boggling. Everything seemed so well thought out (script aside) that you imagine this work existing somewhere on Earth.

The imagination on display here was awe inspiring. One of the most unusual looking films of the year.

'District 9'
From the military building to the slums, every set seemed individually cluttered, as though it were being used for many many years.

'Fantastic Mr Fox'
Animated films this year seemed to be the best looking. That warm country design seen in every frame.

Perhaps a controversial choice, but that apartment was masterful. The trinkets of years past giving clues to the characters. As a viewer you almost feel suffocated.

'Where the Wild Things Are'
I think every boy wanted to live in a fort like that. Clever and organic to the rest of the film.


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