Thursday, 18 March 2010

MAFFE Break - Trailers galore

Which of these will get some end of year awards traction? None, one, all?

Anyway, here they are.

'Eat, Pray, Love'

Gosh I love Julia - is there anyone more charming? And I love Viola (naturally not getting a lead role, but stuck with supporting Best Friend - will black actresses ever get a break?) and this looks like a nice charming little film to get lost in. Here is hoping there is a little more meat than what is on offer in the trailer. Seeing as how it is based on a true story one would hope so.


The old turkey baster switcheroo eg? Here we have Anniston coasting on her charisma. Perhaps there are some risks being taken here, perhaps not. I just wish she would take a risk and step out of her comfort zone just so we can see if she can. If she fails then back to rom coms. Anywhoo, it looks kind of cute, but that child has already annoyed me.

'The Greatest'

See Susan and Pierce hysterically grieve. See Carey Mulligan try and live up to the expectations thrust upon her.
The story does seem kind of full of schmaltz, but it could be a little grittier. Trailers do have a way of making all drama seem very 'Lifetime'.


Peter Chan said...

Three great, but different trailers. Does 'The Greatest' remind anyone else of 'Ordinary People'? Even the poster with the picture frames looks like it.

Afrika said...

You know Mr. Parsons, I really appreciate your honesty and overall insight when it comes to your commentary on women and minorities in Hollywood. That is why I love this site. Keep it up.