Thursday, 18 March 2010

Best Cinematography

The prettiest to look at were:
(certain films were not viewed that most likely would be on here, most notably 'Antichrist'. Also it was very very hard to leave out 'Watchmen' but at whose expense - possibly 'Wild Things' in the long run - I couldn't decide, it seriously ended up being a coin toss)
Mauro Fiore - 'Avatar'
It is mostly computer generated, but on my what computer generation. Raise you hands if you want to move to Pandora.

Greig Fraser - 'Bright Star'
I especially loved how every romantic scene was shot with breathtaking beauty. It made mother nature proud.

Tristan Oliver - 'Fantastic Mr Fox'
So warm and inviting with the country autumn hues. Makes you want to go and move to the farm land and live in a tree.

Robert Richardson - 'Inglourious Basterds'
The stunning and boldly comic use of Nazi red and the smaller character moments combined the beauty and the ugly.

Eduard Grau - 'A Single Man'
The use of framing and colour was something to behold. The focus was so exact you could feel the emotions rising.

Lance Acord - 'Where the Wild Things Are'
A child hood fantasy of the book bought to bold and beautiful life. Every scene filled with so much to see you just want to look at it forever.


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