Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Best Costume

And the wonderfully dressed are....

'Bright Star' - Janet Patterson
I mean these costumes were sensational. Showing individual eye and character specific. Stunning.

'Inglourious Basterds' - Anna Shepherd
Military can be boring, but here it is iconic, plus she has some fabulous women to dress.

'Julia' - April Napier
The costumes help depict just what sort of character Julia is as much as the performance. Garish and rather pathetic.

'Julie & Julia' - Ann Roth
Delicious in showing the leanings to the French style as Julia tries to become more and more French.

"A Single Man' - Adrianne Phillips
Sexy, stylish and says so much about the character who wears them. More important it added to the visual eye candy.

Where The Wild Things Are' - Casey Storm
You may argue, but I consider these costumes and my word, what wonderful costumes these were.



Anonymous said...

Well Warner considers them part of the VFX since they're mostly animatronic.

Michael Parsons said...

You put them on your body. That is a costume to me. F*ck warner!