Saturday, 9 June 2007

Jason Statham = Hotness

Well it is the weekend, and the weather here in London is sunny, but with enough of a chill in the air to render your nipples tough enough to cut glass.

I order to heat things up I was trying to think of who would warm my cockles, but I did not want anyone pretty like the last guy I posted about, I wanted someone who looked a little...well...dirty.

There was only one real choice. I had to go for a nice bit of English rough and ready.

Jason Statham

The uber male. Testosterone at it's highest. Muscles, rugged looks and sexily hairy. The star of "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels", "The Transporter", and "Crank" can come and rescue me any time he likes.


Anonymous said...

I agree serioulsy manly!

Brian Erickson said...

Wow. That is hot!!


Yowza! I'm glad I stopped by here or else I would jave missed all these hot pics of Jason. He's one of my favorite modern actors and man oh man is he ever so sexy!