Monday, 4 June 2007

Paris and Mental Disability

I really did never want to mention this woman/thing/creature on my blog, as I feel she has far too much press coverage as it is and in reality she is nothing more than a talentless waste of space.

In fact she, and the Victoria Beckhams out there, serve no use and are the worst type of role models. Too skinny, lacking in personality and frankly they just look plastic and grim.

Perhaps if they did more in the world than pout and be skeletal than I would appreciate them.
Do some real charity girls! Go on SNL and take the piss out of yourself! Do something unselfish and get photographed looking horrid!

Even Barbie is more interesting as a human.

However in reading the news on line, I found the article that Paris Hilton checked herself into jail two days early. So what I hear you say.

That is not what interested me. It was this line from the Yahoo News article:

“Hilton will be housed in the facility's "special needs" unit.”

How appropriate 'special needs'. Keep her there!

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