Thursday, 7 June 2007

Johnny Depp - Swoon

Johnny Depp has a very very interesting filmography. He has played drag, a boy with scissor hands, a pirate, a cross dresser, a ghost hunter, a strange and creepy connectionist and even Don Juan.

He has done almost every genre: Comedy, Musical, Horror, Suspense, Drama, Crime Thriller, Supernatural and Foreign Language.
And you know, he has excelled at all of them, he is a master actor able to communicate so many different and varied characters with ease, he is almost the male Meryl.

Aside from his great thespian skills the man is mighty fine! Today I want to bask in the glow of Johnny. GLOW JOHNNY, GLOW!


daniel sims said...

I second that. talent and looks. so not fair

BryanB said...

Even with the pirates teeth I would