Saturday, 8 September 2007

Best Adapted Screenplay Predictions

The Top Five

1 - ”No Country for Old Men” should see Joel and Ethan Coen up for a nomination here, no worries. The source material is very cinematic, and it has been winning just about everything. This should be a lock, and , well it is.

2 - ”Atonement” has received spectacular word of mouth. From the direction and actors to the technicals. One thing that is mentioned is the strength of the screenplay. This should see Christopher Hampton get a second Oscar nom and perhaps second win.

3 - “There Will be Blood” looks like it will be a movie that is best know for it’s acting and screenplay. Paul Thomas Anderson knows how to write a very evocative and mesmerizing script. Getting a nomination for this should not prove to difficult.

4 - Sean Penn and Jon Krakauer have created a film loved by many, and could very well see themselves nominated for “Into the Wild”. The film has a large fanbase and this is a very likely place to see it nominated, even over Director and Picture.

5 - He is loved, so do not be surprised to see Aaron Sorkin up for “Charlie Wilson’s War”. The film may be a bit of a miss, but the screenplay is said to crackle and spark and that should be enough to see it included here. This is the category that will sometimes award a near miss film with Oscar illusions.

The Next Five

6 - James Vanderbilt is hoping he can squeeze in with his worthy screenplay for “Zodiac” Screenplay is where they award great films not up for best picture.

7 - “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” could see Ronald Harwood score his third nomination.

7 - “Away From Her” could see Sarah Polley getting her first ever nomination.

8 - John Logan for "Sweeney Tood”

9 - David Benioff for “The Kite Runner”

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