Wednesday, 5 September 2007

European Film Academy unveils noms

For those of you looking to view movies perhaps a little more challenging and worldly wise than what Hollywood produces, you may want to check out some of the films nominated by the European Film Academy.

Many of the films were released during last years Oscar run, but the Euopeans (thank God) do things a little differently.

The final list will be whittled down to smaller nominee's in seven categories (Picture, Director, Actress, Actor, Cinematographer, Composer and Screenwriter)

Expect Edith Piaf and The Queen to battle it out for Best Actress (With perhaps a surprise winner). And here is hoping Idi Amin does not walk to victory again, and perhaps this may give "Once" it's chance to internationally shine!!

check em out here

P.S. What a classy looking award.


Jose said...

Good that Penelope won last year, otherwise we'd have to see Mirren snatch another, deserved yet overrated, award from her.

Michael Parsons said...

True true