Sunday, 2 September 2007

Rave for "Margot"

So The Hollywood Reporter has seen and graded “Margot at the Wedding” a movie many of us are very hopeful about. No so much hopeful that the film is brilliant (which it could be) but more hopeful that it finally gets Jennifer Jason Leigh the awards attention she so truly deserves, and returns Nicole Kidman to the type of performances she should be giving.

It looks as though it does. The Hollywood Reporter gives it a flat out rave, praising both actresses equally.

How I see this playing out during awards season is Leigh gets the nomination. She has years of good will and many think she is about 20 plus years overdue.

Best Actress is harder as it looks to be a very very full race this year with highly praised performances already (Kiera Knightly – Atonement, Jodie Foster – The Brave One, Julie Christie – Away From Her, Marion Cottillard – La Vie En Rose) yet alone the ones that no one knows anything about.

Take a look at The Film Experiences Best Actress Predicts, as Well as Everything Oscar’s just to see the amazing amount of women who are vying for a spot in the top five. Many of the films are still unseen.

Kidman will have a fight on her hands. I see a Globe nomination (they LOVE her) but Oscar does not like attractive lead women to be unlikable, unless they are flat out villains. She need the sustained critical notices, and more importantly for a lot of precursor awards attention.

She may just have to sit this year out and watch from afar.
She could also come down from her tree and do a whole pile of sorrow filled interviews to gain voters sympathy.
Sure she didn't live in a trailer, but she was married to a gay scientologist midget for years!! There has gotta be a few stories there.

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Hostess Cookies said...

She has a chance...but I think The Golden Compass will be the one she gets a nod for.