Saturday, 8 September 2007

Off on Holiday

I need a break. This summer in the UK has killed me, as in there has not beeen one.
Me and mine are off to Sitges for fun and frollicks in the (sea) foam.
I have a whole pile of posts saved in drafts, so do not worry about me not publishing for a is all sorted.
Coming up will be more in our Nicole, My predictions for Best Actress and Supporting Actress, my musings on the lack luster career of a certain actress and much more. Have a good week my (few) faithful readers! And for any new readers....don't forget to vote in the poll. Your voice counts!!

Love Michael (and yes that is me in a swim suit......the shame!!)


PoliVamp said...

Aw, have yourself a merry holiday!

Look forward to you actress predictions also!

Jose said...

You big tease!
I'm dying to see the Actress races, so go get that tan and return to your computer at once!