Sunday, 1 March 2009

Bitter With Baggage

I have long been a fan of Sloane Tanen and her hysterical take on life through the ups and downs of chickens. This New york based artist had released a serious of increasingly brilliant books charting these chicks and how they manage the modern world around them.

My friend Alice started me on this obsession when she bought me a calendar of these chicks. I spent the good part of my day in my work cubicle crying with laughter.

She has also written books for children starring my favourite of the chick characters, the precocious Coco.

Click to embiggen.

Go and buy her books now! UK shopper go here and US go here

These are also available to buy outright and I would love to own one of these fantastically detailed little dioramas, but deciding which one is near impossible. Perhaps three is a good number?

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RC said...

how neat...i've never seen her art's fascinating.