Friday, 6 March 2009


After many many many forgettable rom coms, it seems Reese Witherspoon may be going back to what made her great in the first place. The star is once again teaming up with her 'Election' director Alexander Payne (who is reuniting in this with his 'Sideways' star Paul Giamatti) for 'Downsizing', a story about people shrinking in size.

This is all still in the preliminary stage as the screenplay is not yet finished and there is still the question of budget as the special effects required may push things way over budget.

The plot sees Giamatti play a man with money troubles. He decides that life would be a lot cheaper and easier is he was smaller. So he goes in for a procedure to shrink himself. After the procedure he meet a girl and a pint sized foreigner who will be played by the wonderful Sasha Baron Cohen. This sounds just kooky enough to work.

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