Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Master Shorite

I love Rap and Hip Hop, but let's face facts, lately it is becoming stagnant. It all sounds the same (especially the stuff that seems to be taking American charts by storm).
New artist Master Shortie combines rap, ska, electro and pop in a fun and dancefloor ready way.
Hear his song about being a faithful boyfriend, but still cruising hot girls in skinny jeans. Listen to 'Dead End'


Henry said...

Dead end is one of shorties finest tunes, his styles super good...he's supporting basement jaxx on tour, would love to see that.

Ed said...

dead end is wicked, but i think i prefer dance like a white boy, just watched the music video that accompanies it on youtube, check it out!!!

Mike said...

Stoked on the single release (20th april) can't wait for that to drop, been following shortie from the start, he's doing big things!

Jack said...

Yeah gotta love it, they have dance like a white boy music video on youtube in HD if anyones interested, watch it in all its finest. hehe :)

hannah said...

HD?? thats how all the music videos should be viewed, soo much better! :)
he did a live sessions for suffocake just last week with that track thrown in there, real good listen. xx

hannah said...

heard him on the radio the other day, went straight home and got d.l.a.w.b from itunes...sweet deals. :)
yeah think he supports the jaxx this month.xx