Thursday, 5 March 2009

Rape: A Love Story

Queue both YAY's and NAY's on this one.

The novella 'Rape: A Love Story' is being made into a film. It tells the story of Teena MacGuire , a young mother who is brutally gang-raped and left for dead, in an attack witnessed by her 12 year-old daughter. The cop on the case who, appalled by Teena’s plight and a legal miscarriage of justice, takes the law into his own hands in an attempt to punish her attackers.

First the YAY's

The cast.

Samuel L Jackson is playing the cop. This could be the type of emotional and powerful role that could remind viewers exactly what the hype was all about with him.

Maria Bello (pictured), who is one of the most interesting actresses working, is playing MacGuire in what is sure to be a grueling and attention grabbing performance.

And a big YAY to the casting of Abigail Breslin as the daughter who is continuing to pick interesting projects to work on.

Now the NAY's

Harold Becker, who made such forgettable thrillers as 'Sea of Love', 'Malice' and 'Domestic Disturbance' is directing. I will not judge too loudly about this because he could surprise.
Lets just hope the material is handled with sensitivity and the temptation to make it an action thriller is withheld.

The title refers not to the relationship between the mother and the cop, but between the cop and the daughter and the bond the develop.


Jose said...

Do you know whatever happened with that indie flick where Bello plays a woman who asks someone to kill her?
I was dying to see that!

Michael Parsons said...

I think you are thinking about 'Downloading Nancy' which, as I understand it, is going to get a limited release this year.