Tuesday, 17 November 2009

'Crazy Heart' trailer

Or 'let's call the whole thing off'.
Does Jeff Bridges deserve an Oscar? Absolutely.
Will he finally win one this year for 'Crazy Heart'? More than likely.
Does this performance deserve it? We shall see.
All the tricks are there though;
Singing, Alcoholism, Accent, Redemption and a trailer that lets everyone know it is the performance of a lifetime. Jeez! Hold our hand why don't you Fox.
The poser design is wonderful though. Very impressed - it screams "BEST ACTOR!!!"

It will be a Clooney vs. Firth vs. Bridges, vs. Freeman. BRING IT ON!
Right now, since I have not seen any of the films, I would like to see Colin Firth win an Oscar and Bridges. However is Morgan Freeman is amazing then give it to him. So many unseen films! Eeek!

Can Maggie Gyllenhaal make it in as well. Would she be lead or supporting and ride in on Bridges coat tails?

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Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful. Is that Colin Ferrell in a few of the shots? Interesting. MinDC