Friday, 20 November 2009

Mini Review - Movies aimed at straight males

'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'

(Technically 2008 but hey....I am late) Another winning performance (and nakedly brave - literally) from Jason Segal.
Being dumped is hard, but most films, when addressing the man as the dumpee make it is macho and emotionless as possible.

Nice to see a man crying his eyes out, but over the sadly un-engaging Kristen Bell (after 'Veronica Mars' I expected so much more) it was a little much.
Great support work from Russell Brand kept the film energized, and Mila Kunis was delightful (and far too pretty to look at for too long) as the hotel receptionist.

Note to Jonah Hill - your schtick is getting very old.

Grade - B

'I Love You, Man.'

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this film, mainly due to the very engaging performances from Jason Segal and Paul Rudd as the two leads.
Rudd plays Peter who is ready to get married but realises he has no one to ask to be Best Man.
He has no male friends.
He goes out on unsuccessful man dates until a chance encounter with Sydney (Segal) and a friendship is made.
The film explores what is behind male friend ship, and it turns out to be the exact same thing that is behind any relationship.
Who knew?
In all serious it was a refreshing take on the buddy film.

Grade - B-

'The Hangover'

Hysterical, hard to watch and oh so entertaining.

Bradley Cooper is very easy on the eyes, but the stars of the film were Ed Helms and the wonderful and the brilliant Zach Galifianakis.
I seriously think there will be a place for him on my personal selection for Best Supporting Actor.
It took me a while to warm to him, but by the end the film would have not been as good as it was without him.
It was nice to see Heather Graham again. I was wondering what happened to Roller Girl.

Grade - B+

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Jose said...

Did you see all these in a row?
Sighs I love Paul Rudd.