Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Racism is very ugly. We all know this, unless of course, dear reader, you are a racist and have no idea what the word means.

In 1965 three marches took place that helped turn the tide for the African-American struggle for equality. The marches were from Selma, Alabama to Mongomery which was 57 miles and would last 5 days. The reason for the three marches is that due to police beating, tear gas and violence, the first march never got to the destination.

For the second march Martin Luther King Jr. gathered hundreds of people to march however an injunction was put on the march preventing it reaching Montgomery.

The third march made it.

Please forgive my horrendous slimming down of a Historical event. Please read more about it here.

My reason for posting this is because Lee Daniels is going to direct the film version. This story of hope and determination against immense odds is nothing new to Daniels, and given his need to try and get emotional truth over on the screen leads me to believe this could be very powerful stuff.

Perhaps he could be back in the Awards race next year as well?

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