Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Mo'Nique rocks

All this backlash against the woman not doing any PR for 'Precious' is a load of hooey. Love it when people's bad intentions end up making them look so petty. Gossip mongers!

Anywho I was doing my usual searches for anything 'Precious' related on You Tube last night and came across these two, different, yet very entertaining interviews.

The first is from 'The Ellen Show'. It i strange the Ellen seems completely unprepared for Mo'Nique, it is almost as though she is really intimidated of her.
Mo'Nique is wonderful though. She looks great, is extremely honest and unsentimental and most importantly never comes across as wanting an award.
Love the bit at the end when she talks about her weight loss, but still Ellen just didn't seem able to cope.

A much better interview was on the Late Night Show with Craig Ferguson. She was sexy, sassy, extremely funny and her rap pour with Ferguson is priceless.

Both of these interviews prove one thing to me. There is nothing I would rather see then this force of nature on stage accepting an Oscar and giving a speech. I mean how awesome would she be?
I also love how she both praised Gabby and constantly says that the success of the film and her performance is all due to Lee Daniels. It is modestly, but it never comes off as false.
I honestly think should she not win or even get nominated, she will not really mind. It seems that doing this film was reward enough.
I think she would be more upset should Gabby or Lee be passed over.

Also interesting is this interview over at Interview Magazine where Mo'Nique interviews Gabby.

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Danny King said...

It's insane to see how off-putting Mo'Nique looks in the film and compare it to how pretty she is in her interviews. What a transformation.