Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I Feel It In My Bones

Ever since I heard ‘Where Does the Good Go?’ on ‘Greys Anatomy’ (when I watched it in its first season) I have been a fan of Tegan and Sara.
Their last album, ‘The Con’ was genius and I have their latest, which I need to give a proper listen to.
This is something that is a definite problem right now.
Bought too much music, not enough time to listen to it.

When Tiesto recruited Sarah MacLachlan to sing on ‘Silence’ a match made in dance heaven was born. Although he tends to spread himself a little thin, and at oe point risked sounding the same of every record, he has stepped up with his latest album.

Who would have though the indie rock outfit and a trance DJ would be another match in musical heaven.

Give Tiesto featuring Tegan and Sarah – ‘I Feel It In My Bones’ a listen RIGHT NOW!!

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