Saturday, 14 November 2009

She loved Oscar

Way back on the 8th of March I asked who should have won the 1994 Lead Actress Oscar.
You voted in the 10's and I can safely say it is time to move onto another poll.

In 5th place with 2% of the vote was Susan Sarandons slight performance as Reggie Love in 'The Clients

In 4th place we have the eventual Oscar winner, Jessica Lange in 'Blue sky' with 7%

In 3rd place the most famous shoplifter ever, Winona Ryder with 12% of the votes

In close, but no cigar 2nd place we have the wonderful Jodie Foster for wild woman performance in 'Nell' with 33%.

And in first place, we have a woman who should be acting so much more than she is.

Miranda Richardson in 'Tom & Viv' with 45%.
The film told the true-life story of the relationship between T. S. Eliot and his first wife,Vivienne Haigh-Wood.

They were married in 1915 after a very brief courtship and separated in 1933 though they never divorced.

1994 was the last time Miranda was invited to the Academy awards as a nominee.

Now she mainly focuses on television with a pilot filmed called 'Rubicon' in which she played a New York socialite who finds herself drawn into the central intrigue of a think tank, after the death of her husband.

Nothing is heard of this show yet, but she also is filming three films for release next year. 'We Want Sex' with Sally Hawkins, Rosamund Pike, and Bob Hoskins. 'Telepathy' with Sam Neill and a little film about a teenage wizard....Harry something.

The next poll will centre on that age old battle of the Supporting Actresses.

The year was 1994 and five woman wanted gold. One from Suffolk, England, one from Boston, U.S.A., one from London, England another from Kansas, U.S.A., and finally a girl from California.

Who should have won the big prize?

Rosemary Harris – Tom & Viv as Rose Haigh-Wood
Helen Mirren – The Madness of King George as Queen Charlotte
Uma Thurman – Pulp Fiction as Mia Wallace
Jennifer Tilly – Bullets Over Broadway as Olive Neal
Dianne Wiest – Bullets Over Broadway as Helen Sinclair


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

I always like Susan Sarandon's Reggie Love. Different from the novel, but better. It would have come down to her Lange and Richardson for me with Richardson as the winner of course.

Afrika said...

Miranda is such a phenomenal actress. Such a shame that she doesn't have an Oscar by now.