Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Miike Snow

Swedish singer/songwriter Andrew Wyatt and a producing team of Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg (also know as Bloodshy & Avant - of Madonna fame) joined forces in 2007 under the name Miike Snow.
The self titled debut album has been played a quadrillion times by me this weekend. Try as I might to get sick of them, I just cannot.

Please go and seek them out and buy their album.

Give these songs a listen. And I mean really listen to them. Turn the music up, don't do anything else and listen (and dance if you want).
When you are done, listen again. Sometimes it takes a few listens to fall in love.

The first single 'Animal' is a catchy slice of pop/rock/electro that gets under your skin and forces you to hit repeat 10 times in a row. The perfect morning wake up song!

Next up we have 'Black & Blue' which was the second single. Sounding familiar yet totally different, this has all the makings of a dance floor stomper (or in my case a living room stomper)

And finally For something more mellow I will give you 'San Soleil'. This conjures up feelings of sorrow mixed with love and warms. It sounds like an icicle slowly melting on a sunny winters day, with a hit of Christmas.

Do yourself a favour. Give these guys a serious listen and buy their album.
I won't tell you a third time...................maybe forth.

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