Tuesday, 24 February 2009


And not the Michelle Pfeiffer film.
Phillipa "Pip" Brown, better known by her stage name Ladyhawke, is a London based, New Zealander solo singer-songwriter. This over achiever plays all the instruments in studio, although tours with a band.
Where as artists like the Ting Tings have cornered the 80's influenced, punk market, they seen like fluff compared with Pip. She seems like the real deal.
her album 'Paris Is Burning' is released on June 30 by Modular/Island, with the debut album to follow in September.

My Delirium
Her current track, even the BF likes it.

Dusk Till Dawn
Hysterical 80's inspired video.

Back of the Van
Does anyone else see the strange hybrid of 80's Aimee Man, Pat Benatar and Heart?

Paris in Burning
Here she take on the vocal riff from Gary Numan's 'Cars', giving it a fab new reinvention

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Jose said...

I LOVE "Magic".
I thought "Paris was burning" was too ubiquitous and disliked her a bit for it, but after "Magic", which opens the album, I couldn't stop listening.