Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Ok, so much has been said about the Oscar ceremony. I have read positive and negative comments. And it seems people are all over the place with what they liked and what they didn't like.

Hugh Jackman was sensational, although more of him would have been better.
I mean he was so vastly entertaining, humble and not afraid to laugh at himself.
Plus his song about 'The Reader' was priceless. I have not laughed so much at the Oscars before.
He did so much to make the show more glitzy and glamorous all the while making it seem more relaxed and intimate.

I am now beginning to like Beyonce and beginning to love Anne Hathaway. You know she will do a musical after that.

I personally thought Ben Stiller was embarrassing. I actually forget now what award he was presenting and who ever won it, and whoever were nominated will be forgotten because Ben Stiller just had to pull a prank (and as pranks go, it is already far too old).
Kind of shows no respect for these people. This is their category and their night to shine.

I did not get the movie montages, and felt they ate away at the time. I would have preferred a longer preamble and explanation of each award. Long examples of each one so at least I could understand the difference between Sound Mixing and Sound Editing.

If you have someone present the awards, they should not talk about themselves, they should talk about the award they are presenting. Also please make Steve Martin and Tine Fey teach classes on awards presentation.

I loved the way the awards were handed out, with the techs and artistic ones following the journey of how a film is made. Kind of educational.

I LOVED the new way of handing out the acting Oscars. Five previous winners coming out to pay tribute and praise each nominees work. As a viewer it softens the blow when your favorite does not win, as I am sure it does to the nominee.
Seeing Viola Davis overcome with emotion was a highlight. However I would have still liked to have seen a clip. Perhaps after each presenter could have introduced a clip.
Sure it elongates the suspense and running time, but each of those actors have gone through months of campaigning and interviews for this moment. Shine a stronger light on them.
Some critics felt it was too lovey-dovey Hollywood schmaltz, and at times it got a little much I admit, but this is a night for them as much as it is a night for us as viewers so suck it up audience. If I were nominated I would want a BIG deal made!

Meryl Streep should have much more screen time.

I must say, after watching the back stage cam I have a new pity for each Oscar winner. That room looks like a nightmare.

And lastly this.....what were they saying to each other? Oh to be a fly on the wall

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Lee Hyett said...

Ok, if you didn't believe me befre, just look at the colour difference between Sophia Loren's heand and chest. I tell you, that is a futurama joke waiting to be written. What shade is she ayway? It's like distressed leather with make up. Bless her.