Tuesday, 13 October 2009


The Hollywood Film Festival is handing out its supporting actress award to Julianne Moore who now seems to be in serious contention for that elusive Oscar.

I am not sure how the festival actually works, or what films were being considered, or for that matter, if this award really matters at all (when they do hand out a supporting actress award, it usually goes to a movie star - Jennifer Connelly, Susan Sarandon, Sandra Bullock - only Marisa Tomei was able to translate that into an Oscar nom)

Regardless of the prestige, awards news this early in the year could be a good indicator of future glory.

I would love to see Julianne win, and if she is nominated for the Academy Award she just may possibly beat out current front runner Mo’Nique.

Now Mo’Nique has had the word Oscar buzzing around her since January, however one has to weigh up not only who gives the better performance, but also who is going to get the Academy on their side.

Mo’Nique oozes charisma and charm (cannot wait to see the cast of ‘Precious’ when they make their appearance on Oprah) but will it be enough to over come a woman who many consider should have won twice before?

Time will tell. Perhaps it is easier to imagine who you can visualize standing on stage accepting a win. Right now I can see Mo'Nique, in red with her hair swept up.
I just can;t see Julianne winning in anything but Best Actress.

If Moore wins, deservingly or not, it will be a big upset.

First though, they have to get the nomination.


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

I'm already imagining the huge uproar that will occur if Julianne Moore win the Oscar. Persons will say A) because Mo'Nique is black and Julianne is white she lost. B) they'll say all AMPAS wants is a nice fluffy character, nothing too gritty. But that being said [as a black dude] I would just love if Julianne wins.

Michael Parsons said...

I will want to win whoever is best.

That being said, unseen, I would LOVE a Mo'Nique win.

Afrika said...

Great post Michael. I'm equally torn between Julianne Moore and Monique. This is the thing with Julianne Moore; she's always been one of my favorite actresses and I think AMPAS has unfairly snubbed her in the past (especially the year she was nominated for both The Hours and Far from Heaven). I really want her to have an Oscar because I feel like she has done remarkable work and she deserves it.

And then comes Monique who took me by surprise. I haven't seen Precious yet but with every clip I see of Monique in Precious, her performance powerfully resonates with me more and more. It's one of those iconic performances that will live on forever like Oprah Winfrey in Color Purple. Thus, I feel like she deserves a reward for churning out something so phenomenal. Also, she surprised everyone with this performance. Before Precious, no one took Monique seriously as an actress. I guess she once again proved that if women of colour ( I'll spell it with a "u" haha) had meaty roles available to them, they would be just as good as their much revered white counterparts.

I'm really torn, arrgh!! and the sad part is I won't be completely satisfied come Oscar night. If Moore wins, I'll be somewhat happy for her but sad that Monique's iconic performance lost. If Monique won, I'll be happy for her but I'll still feel bad because a monique win = another Moore snub.