Monday, 12 October 2009

Let the wild rumpus start!

So the film has been seem, and the critics are all giving their two cents on what they think.

The over all verdict is it is beautiful, ambitions, and very serious for a children’s movie.
Some critics are loving the film while other greatly admire it, but have some reservations.

I am not surprised by this. ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ was not going to please everyone. Spike Jonze is one of those film makers where people either love him or admire him with a lot of like.

This could still find it’s way into the awards race, but that will become clearer once we hear from all the critics and see how the US public reacts to it (I predict decent box office with the film doing better critically overseas).

Not out of the race, but needs that rabid vocal fan base which I think it will find.

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