Thursday, 15 October 2009

Trailer Park

So there are three trailers of note out as of last night.

Firstly Amy Ryan and Michael Shannon star in 'The Missing Person' a strange film noir that got some attention at Sundance, but not enough for it to shake up the awards race in any major way.
The whole trailer, music, cuts, scenes they show just look rather boring and lazy.

Next we have 'Dear John' with hunk of hunkness Channing Tatum teaming up with Amanda Seyfried in an Iraq war love story.
This is from the writer of 'The Notebook' and director Lasse Hallström so expect a little bit of slush.
It seems as though Amanda is positioning herself to have a long career.

Finally everyones favourite Jewish hating crazy Australian is back. Thankfully in front of the camera trying on the Boston accent - anything better than his Scottish. 'Edge of Darkness' is another vengeance film, but at least it is not a Mayan snuff film or some more Jesus torture.

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