Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Wrote a piece about it. Want to hear it? Here it goes.

In a recent and rare post on ‘Precious’ over at Awards Daily, I was reading the comments just to see what people were thinking about the film. If they were excited, if not why were they not excited.

You know the stuff a crazy fan wants to know.

I also wanted to see if there were reasons people did not want to see the film. Perhaps they are slightly racist, perhaps they do not like hard and gritty films. When I came across this post by ‘Hunter’

At first I was really upset that someone could be so bloody ignorant and prejudice. Some other commentators came back in attack, but then the same person posted this.

Right I was furious. How could someone, not only be so crule, but be so un informed.
Then it occurred to me. He may just be vocalizing what a lot of other people think, but never would say.
We all want to give off the illusion of having no prejudices, sad thing is we all have them. What can be a simple oversight or action on part, can speak volumes about our inner ‘isms’ to someone else.

I for one have friends of all sizes, colours, heights, ages, and class. However when it comes to sexuality, I have very few close straight male friends. In fact, I think I have none, nor do I actively seek them out.
I fully admit that I am slightly heterophobic.
If ‘Precious’ was about an over weight straight black male, I would probably not want to see it.

Isn’t that bad? So, who would dare share their prejudices in the comments? Or perhaps safer yet, a poll. Go on, be honest!!


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Well I don't have any gay friends. Although I don't think I'm prejudiced. But to paraphrase Avenue Q, Everyone's a little bit prejudiced, at least sometimes

Afrika said...

Great read Mr. Parsons, job well done.