Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Mini Review ‘Up’

Up finally opened up here in the UK, and I dragged the bf to see it (he was not sold on it despite my constant raving “But it is Pixar!!!!”)

Although not as strong as ‘Ratatouille’ or the ‘Incredibles’ (my personal favourites) it is definitely up there with the best of Pixar.

What makes the films from Pixar so distinct is not the animation (although it is consistently beautiful) it is the combination of the voice actors and the screenplay.

Within the first ten minute, only the hardest of hearts would fail to be moved. You see the life of our hero Carl Fredricksen and his wife Ellie told in segments building up over the years as they have tried and failed to have a child and take the vacation they have always wanted. So much detail and emotion have gone into this that you begin to wonder just what is in store for the rest of the film – and whether you are going to be able to handle it emotionally.

Well the rest is a rollicking adventure with thrills, laughs and many touches of tear inducing human sorrow that thankfully never play out with obvious manipulation. Instead they pin point moments in the story to let Carl understand how everyone, no matter how old has dealt with some loss.

Major props go to Ed Asner as Carl and especially Jordan Nagai as the stow away boy scout Russell who almost steals the movie away, tough going when he is competing against a giant rainbow bird and a talking dog called Doug.

Pixar has done it again. Their ideas for stories get stranger and stranger, yet somehow more human.

Grade – A-

Side note: Boyfriend almost ruined a touching moment by declaring in disgust that Carl's wife Ellie was wearing crocs. He hates crocs. I am convinced that he did that only to stop himself from blubbing all over me.


seanisbored said...

Why the hell did it open on this side of the world so much later??

Michael Parsons said...

Because Pixar likes to torture us over here!

I honestly have no idea why this is.