Wednesday, 14 April 2010


In Bermuda we had the Agricultural Exhibition – or Ag Show as we called it – I was always excited to go into the special refrigerated rooms to look at the butter sculptures.
They were so impressive and delicious – Julia Childs would have been in heaven.

I was kind of excited to see that there is a film all about butter sculptures being made. Jim Field Smith is directing and the story revolves around Jennifer Garner as an ambitious butter-carving who tries to take over the mantle from her retiring champion husband ('Modern Family's' try-hard Dad - Ty Burrell).
But there’s the small matter of the young girl (Yara Shahidi) who is proving to be a major player in the world of dairy art, spurred on by her foster mother (Alicia Silverstone). Also in the cast are Olivia Wilde and Ashley Green. Now it seems that the one and only Hugh Jackman has signed on playing the boyfriend.
As if the cast was not intriguing enough.
I actually sometimes play pretend that Hugh Jackman is my boyfriend and we live in a huge house and BBQ every night. My real boyfriend/hubby-to-be does not really like this.

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