Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Toni 'Foster'

Oh praise be. As much as I love the Goddess Collette in ‘The United States of Tara’ she does belong on the big screen where we can all bask in the subtlety of her emotional range.

Well now she is joining writer/director Jonathan Newman in the indie drama ‘Foster’ which is about a couple who are still struggling to deal with the death of their son who passed years earlier.

Now Collette can do anything, but she is a master with grief. Any one who has seen ‘The Sixth Sense’ or ‘Japanese Story’ will know. She of course will play the mother, opposite Ioan Gruffudd (yum).

Also joining the castare Richard E. Grant, the amazing Anne Reid and (be still my heart) my childhood crush Hayley Mills.

The film starts shooting in London this week. Time for me to start stalking the neighbourhood they are filming in so I can find my Goddess.

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