Thursday, 15 April 2010

Viola looks for 'Help'

Well it seems that I was right all along. The lovely, talented and Oscarless Viola Davis is in talk to star in ‘The Help’ which I have blogged about before.

Now this is fantastic news (although the character Abeline is slightly older and wider) for the film as it lends some credibility.
My main worry is still the same. If they push the (white) character of Skeeter as the lead and the 2 other leads (Abeline and Minny) as supporting.

The book is written in various chapters, each chapter is following either Minny, Abeline or Skeeter, and sometimes they over lap.
The Skeeter story is probably the least interesting in terms of emotional depth, but it is still a very cinematic one. In fact the book could easily be made into 3 films, one for each character (but that will never happen).

Here is hoping that Viola gets signed. She has the gravitas that can totally pull this all together. It is the most heart breaking role, and one that she will nail even if they shove her into supporting.

In the mean time I will just have to get my Viola fix watching 'United States of Tara' where (so far) she is slightly wasted as a debt dodging hippy - however I think it is all a smoke screen for later depth.

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