Thursday, 15 April 2010

Jackie O

So Darren Aronosfky is a friggin interesting director.
I have either loved ot greatly admired every one of his films, and they each fall into very different genres.
The fact his is taking on the story of Jackie O is kind of all sorts of exciting.

It will follow the days after the assassination of Kennedy in 1963 where she had to deal with not only the horrific circumstances of her husbands death, but al the immense public attention directed her way.

What is rather exciting is the casting. It seems he has cast his wife, Rachel Weisz in the role, and all I can say it is a wonderful fit.
Sure some people may be upset that an English actress is taking an American role, but how many Americans play foreign roles, taking chances from lesser known actors – and most of the time they do not even bother with an accent!

This sounds like it will be a very very intense and emotional piece. I for one cannot wait.

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