Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Work it Goldy

So my dear friend had to walk the red carpet in Leicester Square for the premier of her movie 'It's a Wonderful Afterlife'. I was there cheering her on.

There is something magical about watching a red carpet event, especially in this case where you are watching someone you know, who has worked hard her whole career and then finally gets this moment in the spotlight.

Next up she has a small role in 'Sex and the City 2' and after that, who knows what excitement awaits. As for right now I am so proud to walk around London and see her (sadly rather photoshopped) face looking back at me from the posters which are placed all around the city.

I would like to take credit for her dress (I did say months ago that anything in the turquoise, purple and emerald families would look amazing on her) but it was all her and she rocked it.

You looked beautiful honey - this is your moment - enjoy it all up!

1 comment:

Jose said...

I'll be sure to keep an eye out for her when I see SATC2 given her other movie will probably never get here.
She's gorgeous, also yay you just because.