Friday, 16 April 2010

Challenging Kiki

Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kiefer Sutherland, Charlotte Rampling, Udo Kier and not one Skarsgaard, but two, in the shape of Stellan and Alexander and now Kiki Dunst has signed on for Lars Von Trier's 'Melancholia' which is his venture into science fiction. It is a disaster film about the death of the planet and with his tag line of "no more happy endings" you can expect therapy afterwards.

This is a very very brave choice for Dunst. I am not saying she does not have the chops, but Von Trier is notorious for being a bit of a whip master with his actresses. On the upside he does constantly get amazing performances out of them (Emily Watson, Bjork, Nicole Kidman, Charlotte Gainsbourg - who obviously did not get enough abuse the first time round).

With Dunst and Gainsbourg the additions of Rampling (yay!) Sutherland is a surprise, but a good one as well. And any film that has Alexander Skarsgaard (who got me all wet in 'Generation Kill) is a must see in my book.

This is good for Kiki though as it shows she is looking for a challenge and is about the art of acting and not her name in lights. I love it when actors challenge themselves.
As one work college said with a chuckle upon hearing this new: "He is going to break her".

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