Thursday, 26 July 2007

Brittany Murphy - Actress, Interrupted

Brittany Murphy has been quiet of late.
After some TERRIBLE rom coms, and forgettable dramas she had an impressive year last year, when she not only release a single, and sang in a movie, she also received career best notices for the film “The Dead Girl”. Could all Brits be back on track?

She has been tapped to star in Myriad Pictures' fantasy comedy “The Other Side”.
In it she will play a young graduate student working at a scientific institute on a remote island who tries to uncover a bizarre mystery involving a community of people hiding a secret about a tragedy that took place years before.
LOST” the comedy?

We all know ole Brittany can do comedy well enough, and I am glad this is not yet another ‘romance’ that the viewing public will be forced to sit through, but I do wish she would try and stretch herself. She had some of the most affecting moments in “Girl Interrupted” . It is obvious there is a brilliant dramatic actress hiding beneath the bubble and squeaks.
Let’s hope she does just that with “The White Hotel” which is coming up. It is set post-WWI Vienna, and she will play the role of an opera singer haunted by portentous hallucinatory dreams becoming Sigmund Freud's famous case study, Anna O.. This is really one of those that could go either way. It will all depend on the director they get in.
She also has the romantic comedy “The Ramen Girl” which could be good if it is not done as borderline slap stick, but more “Lost in Translation”.

Having typed all that, the cast of “The Other Side” does seem promising. Jason Lee, Tim Roth, Jim Broadbent, Giovanni Ribisi, and Lilli Taylor, along with Murphy will be directed by producer David Michaels, who also wrote the script with Phil Reeves.
I wonder is fantasy comedy could be the new ‘fantasy’ band wagon upon which everyone will jump?

Lets hope Brittany gets back to doing the roles that will highlight the promise she showed so early in her career. Is it just me, or did she blow the eventual Oscar winner off the screen in this? My only grip is they should have let the camera linger on her face, and not Jolie's.

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daniel sims said...

I have not seen the Dead Girl, but I always thought she was one of the starlets with no talent what so ever. I do agree that she was one of the best things in Girl, Interrupted, but since then I have assumed that performance was a fluke.