Thursday, 26 July 2007

Mini Review: The Simpsons Movie

Well I went to a preview of “The Simpsons Movie” last night. I collect the series DVD’s and watch them quiet often. You know, when you are eating dinner, and before you put on a proper movie, a nice 20 minutes of satirical cartoon comedy hits the spot.
Going into the first feature film for “The Simpsons” I was not expecting much more than a longer version of an episode, kind of like watching “Who shot Mr. Burns” parts I and II in a row.
This is EXACTLY what the film is like.
The film begins with the family watching ” Itchy and Scratchy the Movie”, when Homer stand up and says “Why should I pay money for something I can watch at home for free?”.
Don’t get me wrong, seeing the beloved family on the big screen was a thrill, and there are some very very funny moments in the film, but it is just a really good episode mutated in length.

The plot revolves around Lisa getting the town of Springfield to stop dumping waste into the lake. Homer of course decides to dump a silo full of pig sh*t into the lake causing a squirrel to mutate.
The squirrel is captured by the government who decide to place a giant dome over Springfield to keep the toxins from infecting the rest of America.
The Family is run from the town and decide to move to Alaska.
To completely take the plot and editing it into cliff notes, Homer has to end up not just proving himself to his family, but also his town.
A nice environmental slant, and the writers do a good job at satirizing the middle American attitude to the impending environmental disaster (actually most countries have this lazy self inflicted ignorance in regards to this subject). However, the message is lost in the spectacle. C+

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