Sunday, 22 July 2007

Mini Review – Transformers

So have seen two movie this weekend, and I enjoyed both of them greatly. First lets get my boy hood obsession out of the way.

At the beginning of this movie I sat down and began to watch it as a critic. Finding faults in the opening sequence, and getting really upset. I was going to be disappointed. The acting was lazy, the dialogue dumb, and the plot was full of holes. Then I remembered I was in a movie theater watching a summer blockbuster. I then told myself to lighten up, sit back, and be entertained by the visual candy.
Once I did that I discovered that Transformers was a fantastic little ride of a movie!
There's nothing here that is more than meets the eye however, ‘cause what you expect is what you get. To talk about plot would be a pointless exercise. There is not much of one. Rather, you need to go to see this for the pure enjoyment of seeing those wonderful toys you played with as a child, bought to life.
Michael Bay's effects-laden extravaganza is all power packed, happy meal tie in, ‘Buy me that Mommy’, jaw to the floor, and hands clapping in giddy glee type of film.
This is a movie about robots that transform….that is all you need to know. The story line is superbly dumb, like they were in the original cartoons. The robot dialogue is the same, full of grandiose meaningful laments on how humans are a young race, but they have such kindness…yadda yadda yadda.
Yet it all made me smile, remembering watching these cartoons, and waiting for the robots to transform.

As for the actors, well Shia LaBeouf was likeably manic through out, but nothing special. The two best performances came from Anthony Anderson as a computer hacker (in a stupid side plot), and Julie White as Shia’s slightly intoxicated mother who concerns herself with her sons masturbatory habits as well as her bush (garden variety). She really made me laugh out loud she did.
But you need to see this for the seamless special effects and action sequences. They were brilliant! Some of the best I have ever seen. The character work on the robots was wonderful, especially with Bumblebee (Mommy I want one!!).
Yes this is a big dumb summer blockbuster, but I really enjoyed it for what it was. B-


Jose said...

I know!!!!!
I was sitting like a little kid all through it, saying "that is sooooo cool!" out loud and giggling.

feenixboi said...

You clapped your hands with glee and whooped like a girl....I know you loved it ;)