Tuesday, 24 July 2007

The Darjeeling Limited trailer

The Darjeeling Limited looks to me like one of those moves that will prove an actors worth. Not that the very sexy Adrian Brody needs his worth proving at all. I am talking about Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman.
Both have been cast in fairly similar ‘type cast’ roles for ages, and although this does not look like much of a stretch character wise, it does look like it may go that little extra deeper, and hopefully force these two charismatic actors to stretch themselves. We know that Wes Anderson can get magic out of Owen.
Trailer wise this is very effective, I will be watching the reviews very closely and hope it is a success. Then again I hope every film is a success, that way there wouldn’t be so much crap being made.
There are so many remakes coming up, but I really do not have the energy to comment. It is both exhausting and soul destroying.
Anywhoooooo…..here is the trailer.

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Jose said...

All I gotta say is "I love you too Adrien".