Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Ahhh Memories

Jose sent me this song on facebook and it has been on the iPod ever since, keeping me company on those 45 minute commutes to work each day where I have to breath in other peoples morning breath and germs. But Sarah Cracknell's voice sooths me from going postal just as it used to.
See, unbeknownst to Jose he has set off a major college days flash back.
I love Saint Etienne way back in the day and keep forgetting what a fantastic band they were are, will forevermore be!

Here is the track Jose sent me.
'Method of Modern Love' their new track released in 2009 and it is another poppy atmospheric dance number (kind of reminds me of Kylie's 'The One') I am totally loving it and cannot wait to shake and shimmy to this on a dance floor sometime very soon.

In 2000 they teamed up with DJ extraordinaire Paul Van Dyke for the dance floor stomper 'Tell me Why'

This is the song from my Uni days. Oh many a night in the student union at 'Club Sandwich' was spent dancing my titties off to this. 'He's on the Phone' was just mecca.

And finally, the song that started it all off. The 1990's classic that I think every person in the world loves - 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart'. What a tune.


Jonathan said...

I always though they never ever topped only love will break your heart.
the new song is good though.

Jose said...

I'm glad you liked the song so much, it's indeed great iPod food and I highly recommend you check out their 2005 album "Tales from Turnpike House" which I think is their second best after their flawless debut.
And OMG hahaha that Van Dyk song! My workmate used to play it every day at least a few couple of times and while I dislike Dyk's repetitiveness I always thought "I love these vocals", of course it's Sarah...that explains it. So thanks to you for solving my doubt as well.

feenixboi said...

Definitely going to be listening to this album some more on Spotify this week.