Saturday, 21 February 2009

Most Anticipated - Supporting Actress

Amanda Seyfried - 'Chloe'
She is playing a call girl opposite Julianne Moore in a fidelity drama. If she is gonna hit the big time, this will be it.

Catherine Keener - 'Please Give'
The reliable and great actress teams up with Nicole Holofcener again - I am there.

Helen Mirren - 'State of Play'
The original role was a doozy for Bill Nighy. Can Helen live up to it or will she fail?

Li Gong - 'Shanghai'
The woman burns up the screen. Perhaps a glossy 1940's war drama will finally bring her the awards she deserves.

Kirstie Alley - 'Nailed'
The woman has always made me laugh, could teaming up with David O. Russell spell a comeback?

Kristen Johnston - 'Whatever Works'
I really like this actress. I think she has brilliant comedy chops. Can Woody Allen strike gold here?

Ling Bai - 'Love Ranch'
Crazy I know, but remember when she was thought of as a good actress. I still see remember how effective she was in 'Anna and the King' to not give up.

Mary Louise Parker - 'Solitary Man'
Playing a trophy wife opposite Michael Douglas should be a fun attention getting walk in the park for her.

Minnie Driver - 'Betty Anne Waters'
She needs a comeback and I know she can deliver. In this Hillary Swank staring legal drama lets hope she is best in show.

Mo'Nique - 'Push'

Nicole Kidman - 'Nine'
Will another musical be another gift for this gifted actress seeing as how she has been recently passed over.

Samantha Morton - 'The Messenger'
She will deliver another wonderful overlooked performance here. I just know it.

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Anonymous said...

But, Michael, if I remmeber Gong Li is the co-lead actress with John Cusack. I think She should be in Lead Actress.

Where's the other Nine's ladies? Like Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Judi Dench and Sophia Loren?

And according the test screeners, even when Public Enemies is average, they praised Johnny Depp and especially Marion Cotillard