Wednesday, 18 February 2009


I didn’t see ‘Twilight’ even though I read and enjoyed the book. I just couldn’t deal with the hype so I decided I would wait until DVD where I can sit and enjoy it with the gigantic hype machine safely in the past.
I am even less interested in it now because of the news the Chris Weitz the man who (imho) completely f*cked up ‘The Golden Compass’ would be directing the sequel ‘New Moon’.

Now just when I had written off the series there comes the news that my one and only may be contributing to the soundtrack. I mean I just talked about the fact Madonna has never been recognized by the Academy for her music and now this news comes along.

This with the news below is just too much for me to bear. Could the planets be aligning? Could Madonna be a multi Oscar nominee??? Could I be getting myself in too much of a tizzy?
At the moment this is just rumor, but Madonna’s long time manager, Guy Oseary, is a producer on the movie. So as rumors go, this is hardly far fetched.

I cannot even imagine what Madonna could come up with for a moody angsty vampire love story, but the idea is enough to send me into fits of hysteria.

I am glad the original rumor has no merit, that Madonna may appear in the film.
I mean that was far too much! My head would have exploded.

Madonna + Vampire = BOOM!

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Jose said...

I'm thinking "Erotica" meets "This Used to be My Playground".