Friday, 20 February 2009

Most Anticipated - Lead Actor

Ben Foster - 'The Messenger'
After chewing the scenery in 3:10 to Yuma, Foster apparently delivers a exceptional and quiet performance in this Iraq drama.

Brendan Gleeson - 'Into the Storm'
He Plays Winston Churchill. Enough said. After 'In Bruges' I am a convert and cannot wait to see what he does.

Christopher Plummer - 'The Last Station'
Captain Von Trapp has yet to be rewarded by Oscar, so playing Russian author Leo Tolstoy could o the trick.

Clive Owen - 'The Boys Are Back in Town'
He play a sports writer who becomes a single parent in tragic circumstances. I cannot wait to see what he does with this.

Daniel Day Lewis - 'Nine'
Of course he is going to be here. Can the man do it all?

Demetri Martin - 'Taking Woodstock'
This funny comic is in the lead role of the new Ang Lee movie. He is also playing gay so I am wondering if lighting can strike twice.

Djimon Hounsou - 'The Tempest'
Oscar seems to like him, but I am more curious to see how well he handles the Shakespearean dialogue.

Javier Bardem - 'Biutiful'
You know he is going to own this movie.

Liam Neeson - 'Five Minutes of Heaven'
The word from Cannes is that he is simply amazing in this film. It is time he revisited Oscar.

Mark Wahlberg - 'The Lovely Bones'
do not know if he will be lead or supporting (book makes me think lead) and he is an odd choice, so I am very curious to see if he can do this.

Morgan Freeman - 'The Human Factor'
He plays Nelson Mandella. Enough said.

Sasha Baron Cohen - 'Bruno'
He was so close to Oscar for 'Borat'. I cannot wait to see what he does this time around. I bet he will once again be brilliant.


Michael Parsons said...

A lot of films I didn't know about. Interesting line up!

Do you think these will translate ot Oscar or not?

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Five Minutes of HEaven maybe will release -unfortunally- in TV