Saturday, 21 February 2009

Mini Review - 'Iron Man'

Well now. This was a surprise. Not a big fan of the ole lug in the comics, but my word 'Iron Man 2' cannot come fast enough.
Although it didn't surpass 'The Dark Knight' in terms of my over all appreciation, this was definitely more enjoyable entertainment - if that even makes sense.
The main failing of 'The Dark Knight' is the simple fact the Bruce Wayne is rather dull.
Tony Stark is not.
Robert Downey, Jr. plays him with relish. Charismatic, charming, egotistical and realistic.

I have to say my favourite thing about the film was the whole building of Iron Man was not done in a montage. You know directors like to speed up the plot to get to the action by slipping in a montage.
Here the films takes it's time, allowing the viewer to understand that no, Rome was not built in a day.

Also have to say I loved Gwen as Pepper Potts. A smart performance.

All in all this was a highly entertaining film that I now have to go and buy. Credit crunch be damned.

Grade: B+

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