Thursday, 24 September 2009

Lee Daniels

I am so going to try my best to get tickets to see ‘Precious’ at the London Film Festival so that when I talk about it, at least I would have seen it.
I completely get the ridiculousness of blogging rabidly about a film I have yet to see, and I seriously hope to rectify that very very soon.

Anyway I just wanted to bring you attention to this wonderful article/interview over at The Envelope which looks at Director Lee Daniels.
If he is nominated he will be the first black and openly gay man nominated for Best Director.
The article gives a little insight. I have read a few reviews/pieces about the film that say that the abuse shown is a little too much – as though it doesn’t happen (pick up a paper y’all).
I have never seen someone get shot, but I’m sure as sh*t it happens.

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