Monday, 21 September 2009

Mini Review – ‘Julie & Julia’

Just as every other critic has said I sat in the theatre drumming my fingers waiting for the Julie portion of our entertainment to end and bring us back to the Julia.
Amy Adams is sweet and charming, but Meryl had the juiciest and most interesting half of the film.

And boy did Meryl step up to the challenge. So much more than a bio pic, Meryl decided not to go for a full on copy, but instead gave her own interpretation of the larger than life French Chef which allows her to breath. It is a fully realized performance, her pain at being childless is subtle but comes across as real pain.
Hopefully this will ensure her yet another Oscar nomination, but a win is not so certain.
Her chemistry with everyone is completely natural, but the real joy was watching her interact with Stanley Tucci who plays her husband. Together they create a loving and perfectly believable film couple without a whiff of sentimentality.

Even director Nora Ephron has held back on the slushiness she usually goes for, which definitely makes the Amy Adams portion goes down a little easier.
All in all ‘Julie and Julia’ is a brilliant film when Meryl is on the screen. When she is off it is merely very good.

Grade: B

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