Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Prediction updates

Michelle should be shocked. I have finally given in and added her to my predictions as I have attempted to do my post Toronto prediction updates.
Michelle has been guiding me, giving me inside scoop, and promising to hook me up with a dinner with Madonna only if I add her to my predictions.

It is tough to call this predicting gig.
You look at a list of five, and it looks likely.
Then you completely change it and it seems unlikely, then you second guess yourself. Then you try and picture the nominations being announced, and the red carpet to see what makes sense.
The you try and pretend you are announcing the nominees on the night. How will Sean Penn sound saying "Gabourey Sibide for Precious", or will he say "Gabby Sibide" or will he not say that name at all?

Then finally you just look at the reviews and then you do the scary and try and put yourself in the Academy's shoes (I pick Liam Neeson - His should fit).

I have attempted to update the Best Picture category. It looks silly, and I am scraping to put in 20 nominees (I like to double the contenders as much as possible). This new 10 nominee list is really giving me a lot more work to do. It takes forever and takes up a lot of space on my blog!

Then I went over the Best Actor and had no one I really wanted to take out, so added three more contenders just for sh*ts and giggles.

Then finally made my way to Best Actress and decided to scrap Audrey Tatou (it was never going happen) and instead stick another foreign language performance that has gotten raves, but in a small film.

I need a vermouth on the rocks.


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Are you trying to send a message by not bolding Michelle's name for Cheri?

Anyway, regarding Keaton / Streep. The question is not whether Streep is a better actor [I'll decline to answer] but I think Diane is insurmountable when it comes to comediennes over 50...including Sigourney Weaver. Anyhow, I don't see It's Complicated going anywhere...but I may eat my words.

Michael Parsons said...

I totally forgot to bold Michelle.
I have always found Streep a better comedienne, but that is just me. Streep yesterday, Streep today Streep tomorrow.