Saturday, 26 September 2009


So after getting the latest "Greatest Hits" package 'Celebration' by her Madgesty I was struck with how many great singles were missing ('Angel', 'Keep It Together', 'Rescue Me', 'Human Nature', 'I'll Remember' 'This Used to Be My Playground', 'Drowned World', 'What It Feels Like For a Girl', ect ect)

It struck me how a greatest hits package by Madonna should really be something amazing. ALL the hits, a remix CD and a B-sides and great album tracks package. And if you are writing new tracks ('Revolver', 'Celebration') they have to be as good, if not better than, 'Justify My Love', and 'Rescue me' - these new ones don't even hold a candle.

Even this well known rarity is better than those.

Perhaps I should do a blog-a-thon where we all come up with our own Madonna Greatest Hits packages? Thoughts?


Glenn Dunks said...

The non-inclusion of "I'll Remember" and "This Used to Be My Playground" is horrifying, but could it possibly be due to them being soundtrack songs? Perhaps they're owned by someone else? I dunno, but they're two of my favourites. Can live without "Human Nature", "Drowned World", "Angel" and "Keep it Together" and I think "WIFLFAG" is tricky to include since the version that was released was barely a Madonna song at all (and it's all about the video, really).

The exclusion of "Rescue Me" is probably because she didn't wanna remind that, once, she could spit out a couple of greatest hits singles that were just as good as the rest of her career. As much as I enjoy "Celebration", "Revolver" is awful and one of the worst things she's ever done (but, tbh, she hasn't done that much I would considering bad).

I was equally disappointed by the exlusion of "Bedtime Story" and "Causing a Commotion". :(

Glenn Dunks said...

Actually, "Rain" also isn't on there, which is just as bad as leaving off the others I mentioned.

Michael Parsons said...

There are so many. I think the way she should have gone out is to put all of her singles (US and UK releases - minus a few) as a greatest hits. Then done a collection of B-side, rarities and great album tracks as well as a huge remix collection (new remixers) of her number 1 billboard dance tracks.

That would have been a wonderful tribute to her glorious WArner years. One can dream.